Help & Faqs

Why sell / Buy on Adetton?

Adetton is the most trusted platform for delivery of quality African made products across the continent. With over 10 million trusted visitors daily, your products will be accessed and reviewed at least 10,000 times a day.

In what categories of Adetton can I buy / sell?

You can buy/sell in the following categories: Food and Beverage, African Wood Craft and carvings, African Basketry, African Pottery Arts, Leather Arts, African Bead Art, African Fashion and Clothing, Home and Office, African Paintings, Health and Pharmaceutical Products.

In what categories I cannot buy/sell?

You cannot buy/sell books, audio and video material and others not listed in all previous categories. You also can not sell illegal or illegally traded products, as well as products that are prohibited in the Adetton policy.

What is the cost of buying/selling on AliExpress?

In Adetton you will only pay for each product you buy/sell. You pay taxes when buying up to 3% flat rate as prescribed by the government. Commissions vary between 5% and 8% depending on the product category.

Is there a fixed cost to sell on Adetton?

On Adetton, there is no fixed cost for buyers or sellers.

In which countries can I sell my products through AliExpress?

The countries open for sales to are United Kingdom, U.S.A, China, Europe, and all African countries.We are working constantly to open new markets. We will inform you at the moment.

How can I learn how to manage my store on Adetton on my own?

Adetton has a step-by-step guide and tutorial to using the adetton platform without any assistance. Visit Adetton University on the page.

What requirements are necessary to register as a seller on Adetton?

To register as a seller on Adetton, you will be asked for a series of legal, fiscal and personal documents depending on the legal nature of your company. At this time we only accept companies and freelancers.

My company is not based in Africa, what requirements should I have to sell on Adetton?

Sellers who want to start using adetton from other countries will have to furnish adetton with their company registration documents and tax documents for tax purposes. Though they might be required to pay taxes themselves in their own home countries and show proof of payment.